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Oranna Schönhagen was born on 21 November 1961 in Simmern/Hunsrück, and grew up in Koblenz and Dortmund, Germany.

Her talent for sketching and painting as well as her interest in plastic arts was awakened early by her parents. Her father Bruno Schönhagen, an architect, regularly took Oranna to museums and exhibitions, and painted a lot together with her. He himself was influenced by his father Fritz Schönhagen who also was a painter.
Her mother Anna Becker had a very aesthetic sense, too, since she was also drawing and produced collages.

Hence, Oranna’s steps were directed towards drawing, painting and designing early in her life, which continued in her youth. She produced collages and drawings and a number of wall paintings, some of them as commissioned work for friends of the family.


"Cleveland Euclid Av.", Acryl/Leinwand 2007 120 x 160 cm